Carol Reilley
Artist, Designer, Educator                                      
Mist on the Lake
water color  (22X30
Copyright C.L. Reilley. All rights reserved.
Bisbee, Arizona
oil on linen (16x20)
Path to San Jose Peak
oil on linen (16x20)
Summer in Bisbee, AZ
watercolor (16x20)
Dollhouses of Bisbee   
oil   (9x12)
A New Day
oil  (11x13)
Solitary Outing
watercolor (15 x 22)
Solitary Ride
watercolor (28 x 12)
Summer in the Canyon
water color (12x9)

Landscape Paintings
..."paint from the heart and take what you
see and feel in nature, then you'll get a
very individual painting."
View of the Berkshires
oil on linen  (22x30")
Quiet Moments
oil on linen  (8x10)
After the Storm
water color  (15x22")
Across the Border
oil on linen   (9x12)
Desert Aura
water color  (15x22")

“ Artists see the world in a unique way. Strokes of paint create my personal world for the viewer
to see. I put down pieces of paint and try to describe life with my brush strokes. I often paint wet-
into-wet for the most interesting edges. This works for me in both oil and water color. Some
passages I leave vague and undefined for the viewer to complete with their imagination. By
combining loose or open edges with sharp small edges I create a pattern of movement in the
painting. The eye is eager to keep moving over the canvas to seek more and more surprises.”
Arches National Park, Utah
oil (11 x 14)
Bisbee Morning, Az
oil (11x14)
Ramsey Canyon, Az
watercolor (11 x 14)
Coronado Mts, Az
oil (11x14)
Windy Point Catalina Mt, Az
oil (9 x 12)
A New Day
watercolor (17 x 30)
Stable Courtyard Sonoita Ranch, Az
oil (11 x14)