Carol Reilley
Artist, Designer, Educator                     
Studio Telephone: 520-803-0802
Carol Reilley
excels in depicting the human face and figure,
as well as still lifes. She is classically trained
with emphasis on drawing, painting and color
theory. She holds two degrees in Fine Art and
is a third generation artist. Carol works in oil
and watercolor and travels internationally for her studio and plein air work. She has won
many awards for her painting and teaches workshops on both coasts. She is past Vice
President for Ethan Allen,Inc. and now resides in southern Arizona.

“ Artists see the world in a unique way. Strokes of paint
create my personal world for the viewer to see. I put
down pieces of paint and try to describe life with my brush
strokes. I often paint wet-into-wet for the most
interesting edges. This works for me in both oil and water
color. Some passages I leave vague and undefined for the
viewer to complete with their imagination. By combining
loose or open edges with sharp small edges I create a
pattern of movement in the painting. The eye is eager to
keep moving over the canvas to seek more and more
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